Prevent Slow Content Drip ~ How Do I Tip?? (Support)

Welcome Gentlemen, and Gentle-Gals to the Premier free access female art and erotic content hub of the web!

My name is Milky Cell Wolf (36M, Married) , I am a content creator or rather a content curation creator who specializes in making curation web content!

Firstly, Fuck ads! Welcome to the only site not cramming your mobile pages with invasive re-direct ads! Secondly, I take my job pretty seriously, I take pride and don’t like ads! But! I don’t like to do things without being properly valued for the work that I do! This is were I ask that if you enjoy this site that you may routinely, or every now and then drop a little appreciation for it!

The short and simple, the more frequent the tips and monetary appreciation- the more frequent and better the content!

Why do I need to ask for your money do you ask? Well, just like when you go to work you don’t work until you’re on the clock right? Well, it should be the same way! Just like anyone else I like to get the proper trade for the value of work I try to put out, and I would also like the ability to add many more features to this site for better interface!

Because of these reasons I ask for proper trade, if you agree with this here are some ways you may tip:

  • The Floating widget which links to my Ko-Fi site. This allows you to tip without even leaving the site
  • Special collectable Art Fungible Tokens which will be available to download, purchasable by googlepay, or credit (You’ll find these at the ends of posts which will allow your to buy in site.)
  • Cashapp$
Appreciate the time you have spent to find out how to support, and I hope you have a great time here!