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Tall Drink of Muse, Like a Long Island Iced Tea After a Bike Ride on the Beach in Mid Summer, Blazing Trail With a Great Tail

What is not to love about a totally fit bodied stallion of 6ft? That’s six feet of heaven, and a tall drink of wonder to the eyes!

A woman who takes care of their body is a woman who knows what it means to get a little rough and do hard work that requires sweat. A woman who knows here way around an exercise machine, will definitely know how to move and please in the bedroom. This woman is a pure example of all things coming together for a amazing sight. She’s tall, she’s painstakingly toned and built, and to top it off she’s pretty as hell too. Two more points, if any of you have in particular a glasses fetish . . .

Her pictures denote that she’s a active gal, and some of the sexiest of her profile are when you witness those long slender limbs straddling a bicycle(, sure you probably wish you were the bicycle in those shots but. . .)

She’s gorgeous and youthful, but she’s no child, not a just weaned babe, but a full grown female.

Beautiful in age showing how real adults should appear these days, just simply stellar in sexiness. She hasn’t let the wave of “beautiful, as you are” laziness affect her fortitude. One has to really appreciate this, a woman who has a stomach you can wash you tee’s on is a woman worth some praise, as there’s not many like them in the average crowd who seems to be increasing selecting living in the self-serving fantasy over the reality we all now.

What a magnificent babe!

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