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Sir, Life Truly is How You’ve Made it

There’s no sense passing out the blame.

There’s no sense counting your short comings.

Life is how you’ve made it.

If that woman doesn’t want to go where you have lead, it’s probably because you haven’t completed enough work on self.

If she left, it’s not because you weren’t a millionaire. She doesn’t go out, or commit, it’s not because you aren’t a billionaire.

It’s because you’re faking yourself. You’re living in a dream, a life on the Matrix.

You haven’t completed the download to intellectual wisdom. You’re still trying to please mommy. Maybe you never had enough attention from mommy.

It’s all too late now though, sir. You’re a man grown. You need repair your own self, repair your inner dilemma.

No need to blame what isn’t to blame. Blame your actions, blame your lack of conviction. Blame your addictions.

Needless to say, it’s your own life now boy. Time to become a man.

Sir, life truly is how you’ve made it.

[Commentary on photos] On the beautiful model muse we have here. Truly she is a work of genetic art, and I’m sure she works hard to keep up that amazing figure.

If you don’t appreciate curves, those life giving and bearing curves, like the ones on this woman you really should reconsider.

When the body is really well kept, and maintained it’s a work of pride, it’s a work of worthy appreciation. Not only the lazy, and the gifted women, you can tell when the training is lacking. But here we have a muse who we can tell really takes care of her body. And to take of the body is to take care of the mind.

To take care of the mind is to lead a life with a focused soul. Focused on evolution and success. To take deep care of the self is a sign for a man that this is a worthy woman to take note of.

All that you need.

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