Brilliantly Sexy,  Inked Killer Sexkittens

If She Doesn’t Drive You Wild, and get the Pants Tight, I think You May Need Medical Attention

Look let me tell you here, I won’t play around, some muses just know exactly how to become their best selves in front of a camera lens.

Some women just do come brilliantly alive in front of a image capturing device, so much so that you may not be able to remove the effect of such images from your mind, but don’t worry, it shall pass in time. The crush you develop over the fawning you may be acting out over such a said muse as this wonderfully fine female though, may take so much more time.

A word of advice, don’t go to the grocery store when you’re hungry, or this is just the same as saying don’t go online with such emotions with our debit card laid out plain at your side!

Particularly, I love this woman’s style- the slender body with that wild flavor and style allows for her to bend and pose in ways that only her biology would allow in this sense. She is almost magical in some shots the way she positions her body, bends and curves, in front of the lens. Her pretty face and deliciously stylistic manner of how she wears her hair, whether or not the dreads are natural I don’t know, really add to a wild rocker style which makes this babe really appealing. Once innocent, now just rogue and lawless, at least in imaginative sense, even if it’s not reality It doesn’t matter, just lie to me baby! Don’t you just love these types too?

Some woman simply live to make men, or women who know how to appreciate, eat their hearts out and want to die if they wouldn’t give them a second word. This muse is one of those women you would feel hard forgetting after a let down.

But be cool boys, look, but no touching! Enjoy, I know you’re just sitting there sizzling like a fajita.

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