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Hot High Class Feast With Looks of a High Stakes Goddess, What You Got, Playa?

When you see high class, high quality woman- the one that you would have to spend that yearly salary of an average man for just one night to show her the town. That one which makes the others pale in comparison.

This is her.

A model like beauty so exquisite, it’s like she was specifically molded from the top shelf clay, by the hands of god himself and placed in the premium oven untouched by most, the reserved one. A special treat she appears as, a special attraction she causes the smoke on your scalp- your brain is overloaded.

Don’t be a simp, approach high class with high class, but you must have yourself extremely correct, you must be of the highest class yourself, a Gentlemen. A professional, with a seasoned wisdom and a seasoned taste in cloth, grip to the luxury wagon- the beast that makes her kitty purr. Sure, maybe you don’t have this, but maybe your not worthy- get your game up!

The skin, the bone structure, the shape the perfection this here is biological, you don’t even understand what you see is memorizing son!

You’re an adolescent if you don’t understand the beauty of this muse. You’re a boy if only large breasts, and exposed skin arouses you- you’ve been corrupted and cannot appreciate art.

This here is art, this muse this woman, this real this true woman- this here, she! Is definitely art!

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