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Fabulous and Fancy Pantsy, Fly and Dangerously Sexy Costume Mistress

A full body brazilian bombshell of a coke-bottle style, with a slick skinned perception like a hot candle’s wax.

Of the playful sort, she is tantalizing but also assumes character- she is sweetly cute in the face but her waist is all of a woman.

She is lovely, and plays with her posture behind the lens, she’s not shy to experiment and drive the viewer’s imagination wild, I would say she probably enjoys it.

She seems to strive on the attention, she loves to show off herself as she probably knows her sex appeal and is a flirt willing to show it off for you.

She is nimble as a kitten, and is all woman here. If your eyes serve you, you do them well to get a full feast on this proactive muse, her energy is pure and defiant of clothing.

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