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Beige and Beautiful, Out and About Daily Life Asian Model Golfing and Gorgeous

The soft and clean beauty of a woman in this day and age, the ability for a woman to have class and display that class and modesty, is becoming a ‘thing of the past’ in this day in age, unfortunate but clear to see.

A woman who isn’t a caricature of what femininity is, who isn’t displaying all of her goodies is seen as a woman not emboding her ‘power’ in the minds of the fad of todays thinking. The nonsense that is being spread over the landscape today, and group thought is completely destructive and only breeding sad, lonely, bitter adulthood.

This muse, is an elegant, feminine example of sexy- yet modest. The blonde highlighting is an amazing pairing with her beige skin, she is obviously asian, but with a creamier tone than the usual a fabulous showing, a heart-pumping sight. A womanly woman, not saying she has no show, but she keeps the sexiness modest which is almost a rarity of refreshment on the net these days. A lovely piece, and her face and waist size makes the eyes rise, this is the sight of a woman on her job and who takes care of herself. There’s a duty, for a woman to remain in that beauty- to many think its all entitlement!

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